Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Just a Few Reminders

Just a Few Reminders

1.  Please remember to remind your child to complete his/her reading for book clubs.  (See post below about needing juice and comments about reading.)

2.  Keep working on those multiplication facts!  We did not get a lot done last week with facts due to the early outs but will get back at it this week.  Each 3B student needs to let me know when they are ready to be assessed as it is not a "whole class" activity each day.

3. We are finishing up our unit in science on Simple Machines by completing our Keynote presentation.  Students will publish their Keynote soon on their student blogs.  Stay tuned.  We will then be moving back into Social Studies.

4.  Our focus for literacy has been recognizing how prefixes and suffixes change the meaning of base words, sequencing, story elements/plot, and words with multiple meaning.  These are the focus strategies and skills for our Lead 21 theme.  Within our book clubs, groups focus on different strategies, including sequencing, character analysis and development, and connections as well as other strategies through their "reading tracks".

5.  Book orders will be sent home this week.  Please return them by the required date.

Hopefully the cold weather will warm up soon.  Please remember to send necessary clothes for 3B students to go outside, even when it is chilly.  We may get out one of these days!

Have a great week!

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