Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Java 2 Micro Edition Conclusion

Java 2 Micro Edition Conclusion

The Good

J2ME is small, actually very small; writing programs for devices with very limited memory capabilities has been made into a reality by J2ME. J2ME allows the programmer to customize his program to the utmost possibility, right from the configuration he wants to work with to the very profile he is using.

Further, the future versions of the KVM will have the capabilities of integrating the present programs with further memory hungry operations.

The Bad

The very strength of J2ME is its biggest weakness. In order to make the KVM small, a lot of compromises had to be made in the Java language itself. Writing complex programs for J2ME requires higher skill and technique than writing one for computers and servers.

Further because of the configurations and profiles, the basic fundamental principle of portability had to be compromised. That is, a program written for a particular profile is portable with other devices following the same profile.

Future Of J2ME

J2ME is still in its blooming stages, and definitely the platform will be evolving. Many more configurations and profiles will be introduced. Further several technologies, such as Jini (network architecture for distributed systems), will arise with the help of J2ME, improving the capabilities of the mobile devices. Needless to say there will be many more devices following the J2ME technology in future.

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