Thursday, June 1, 2017

Its That Time Again!

Its That Time Again!

For Comic Con!

This year I will actually be doing some work and helping the lovely ladies of Girls Drawing Girls with their table - booth #5428. I will be there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning (from 10am to noon) as well as Thursday afternoon from 3 to 7pm. I will be helping them sell their brand-spankin new pin up calendars, playing cards, and lots of other stuffs. I will also have my "Girls of Summer" print for sale at the booth, so stop by and say hello if you are there!

Here are some of the other booths of note that I will be tracking down when I am not hanging out with the GDG girls:

  • Fleet Street Scandal - Chris and Kevin at booth #1316
  • Ronnie Del Carmen, Scott Morse, Jeff Pidgeon, and Enrico Casarosa - #4800
  • Imaginism Studios - #G6 and 7
  • Corey Godbey and Justin Gerard - #1032
  • Ghostbot - #4203
  • Donnachada Daly - #C6
I hope to see you there! If you cant make it, dont worry - I will keep everyone posted on my Comic Con adventures via twitter. Have an awesome week, everybody, and I promise to be back with new artwork soon:)

Available link for download