Friday, June 2, 2017



Location: 3057 W Logan Blvd.
Cost: About $17 per person

My friend Phil moved out to Logan Square what seems like a year ago, and Id never been to visit. I mean, wed hung out a few times, but I had a bunch of time off and thought Id come by to check out his digs. After the compulsory tour of an apartment decked out in music gear, video games, and an eclectic mix of furniture, we set out for lunch along with his roommate Eric. The goal was to hit up Lula, but theyre closed on Tuesdays (which I wouldve known if their damn website had been working at the time). Instead, we walked around the corner and ended up at Jam.

Note: If youre an old school JEC fan, you might recall that one of my very first posts was on Jam. That was when the restaurant first started out, and when it was located in the Ukrainian Village. Given the myriad of changes, I thought a fresh post was in order.

Both Phil and Eric went to school and lived around the University of Miami Florida for a while. The second we sat on the patio at Jam, they both mentioned how "Miami" the place felt. I think it was the neon green theme. Anyways, theyve got this little patio right off the square and a somewhat cramped dining room inside. Our waiter was giving us the hard sell on the preset three course brunch menu, which I thought was a bit foolish. Except for that, the service was exceptional. The cost is average for brunch in the city with most dishes just above $10.

The Food
Phil got the Jamburger, Eric got the Turkey Club, and I got the Quiche. I should mention first that they had this amuse bouche sesame cookie to start with. Im sure for some this was quite the production, but for me this was just another chance to get crumbs on my pants. I didnt go grabbing food off of everyones plates, but Eric and Phil wolfed down their sandwiches. The burger did look exceptionally good with a fried egg and this smokey tomato sauce. The quiche was a little too eggy for my liking but the smoked trout packed some solid flavor. With the side of bagel chip panzanella, it was a very refreshing meal.

 The Sesame Cookie

 The Turkey Club

 The Jamburger

The Quiche

I was impressed with Jam when it was in the Ukrainian Village, and the move to Logan hasnt messed with their success. Everything played off of strong, basic flavors, and the portion sizes were reasonable. Im giving them 4 out of 5 Pearls.

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