Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Its not garage sale season yet

Its not garage sale season yet

But I will be looking for a stand mixer! Look HERE! (Its at - so forgive the pop-ups, K?) A DIY Ball WINDER!! Wooo Hooo!

I started on my Kiri shall. Its in lace-weight merino in a very light champagne/khaki color. I only have 5,000 yards of this, so I may over dye some of it. Kool Aid if I have too! I didnt get far enough for a progress shot, though.

It looks like DH and I will be cash poor/house rich in the coming months, so all yarn purchases will be double evaluated. All yarn must have a purpose, all purposes must be useful to whomever gets the finished item.

Yarn in Stash:

several balls of dishcloth cotton - dish/wash clothes for next Christmas
2 balls of finer cotton - the turkish stitch bag (1 ball each)
2 skeins of Axelles Water Lilies (sw merino) (see below) - depending on my Sockapalooza assignment may become socks for said or something for a neiceling
Cotton Ease - could be dresses for neicelings - hmmm
Fishermans wool - both dyed and one whole undyed. NO IDEAS!
5000 yrds lace-weight merino - Kiri until I cry?

I know that isnt a LOT by some standards, but it will keep me busy while I eat beans and cornbread for the next two months to get this mortgage under our belts.

So, pics tomorrow? I dont know just yet!

Available link for download