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Ishqbaaz 7th January 2017 – Full Episode

Ishqbaaz 7th January 2017 – Full Episode

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Ishqbaaz 7th January 2017 – Part 01

Ishqbaaz 7th January 2017 – Part 02

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Ishqbaaz 7th January 2017 – Part 01

Ishqbaaz 7th January 2017 – Part 02

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Ishqbaaz 7th January 2017 – Part 01

Ishqbaaz 7th January 2017 – Part 02

Ishqbaaz 7th January 2017 Written update

Title: Svetlana- Tia Join Hands!

Sneak Peek: It shows the dinner table scene where Jhanvi smiles and Svetlana looks a bit agitated...Om tells Tej that you cannot do this with my Mom and  Tej asks him who is he to say all this to him?   Pinky intervenes saying JethJi but Tej shows her a hand saying Pinky Please!,  If u really want to explain someone than explain it to ur son, who is still not clear on who is his wife and who is the Mother of his child and Shivay looks disturbed at this and exchange glances with Anika!   Tia and Svetlana smirk looking towards each other and Anika notices them both and gets alert!

Episode starts with Shivay in a call telling Khanna that he has fired the whole security team and he needs a new team by tomorrow!  He is seen rushing out while Tia watches him and smirks and goes inside,...Shivay instructs Khanna to hand pick the security ppl and   nothing like this should ever repeat again, security should be top notch!
 Wen he disconnects the call, he finds OmRu standing there and staring him!   He ignores but Rudra comes in a funny manner and putting his hands across his shoulder, stops him saying Bhaiya!

Rudra:  O!  Bhaiya ka taapmaan kuch badh nahi gaya hai?

Om checks Shivays temperature and says, Rudra!  Tapmaan!  Itna bada word kahan seekha tune and Rudra says, i heard it in news bulletin , Dadi was hearing the news

 Shivay tells Om that if u want to discuss the new language skills of Rudra than I do not have time, I have lots of things to do and  Rudra stops him holding his hand...Shivay gets a little hyper saying u know right Rudra how busy I am these days?  Everyday there is a new problem, a new thing here and he starts to walk away!

Om stands there folding his hands and says:

"Kuch pareshani ke pal, kuch hain malaal ke,
Kuch bechaini ke pal hain, kuch hain sawaal ke!
Inse thodi si fursat, mile toh humse mil lena,
Hum gullakon mein rakhte hain, khushiyan sambhal ke"   
He says this while keeping his hand at Shivays shoulder and makes a fist with the other hand to show how they hold happiness like  money saved  in piggybanks!  

Shivay feels sorry at his behavior and looks at Om and smiles, Labzon ka music plays and  Om tells Shivay that in  life problems come by themselves, but we have to find those small moments of happiness...just like they say that  "paav mein kaanta khud chubh jata hai lekin phal todne padte hain"

Rudra comes there and stands between them...and says looking at Om that O ko aasaan baat mushqil  tareeke se bolna bohot achcha lagta hai lekin main aapko Rudy style samjhata hoon,   wo kya hai na bohot time se Obros moment nahi hua, meri intelligent baatein nahi hui aur meri intelligent baatein bhi nahi suni, toh  humne socha thoda time spend kar lete hain and  Om & Shivay looko at him amused and smile...Rudra suggests lets make breakfast together today!

Shivay keeps his hands at his waise and asks Om, bas itni si baat thi?  Aur tu kahan Zindagi, Gullak, Malaal  aur un sab pe chala gaya and Om smiles!
Rudra  asks wat is Malaal and before ShivKara could answer, Rudra says, its the plural of Male right...he turns and does his logic gesture and says, Logic guys and Shivay hits  at the back of his forehead and Rudra immediately turns back  and both ShivKara act as if they dont know who hot     

Rudra says in a serious mode...bohot din baad pada...and then he smiles and says, toh secret thappad bhi achcha lag raha hai and  he hugs ShivKara and all three hug and walk towards the kitchen!

Anika stands in the hall from where Tia passes by, she stops seeing Anika and Anika asks her straight away, Where is Robin?

Tia goes frantic hearing Robin and recalls the whole pool incident and  Anika repeats her question, Robin...kahan...Hain?

Tia almost making a crying face asks ...Kaun?  Kaun Robin?

Anika:  Tumhare Bhaiya?

Tia acting innocent asks her, why are u asking this?   Anika shows her a letter and says, Uski chitthi aayi hai and  Tia loses it and asks, Woh chitthi kaise bhej sakta hai?

Anika gets suspicious and says,  uski nahi, uske liye chitthi aayi hai and Tia breathes a sigh of relief and nods...Anika says, it was sent at ur moms place but since Robin was not there, it was passed here and Tia extends her hand saying, okay give it to me, Ill give it to Robin!

Anika gets more alert seeing Tias shaking hands and with great difficulty, Tia reaches the letter and tries to take the letter from Anikas hands but Anika holds it tight, Tia tries to snatch but Anika asks, Where is Robin?

Toa gets more nervous and Anika asks, why are ur hands shaking, have u done something wrong?

Tia withdraws her hand with a sigh and looks away, Anika looks at her  and says, jab koi galati karta hai, to uske pakde jaane ke darr se uske haath ekdun aise, (pointing towards her hands)   vibrate mode par lage rehte hain!

Tia snatches the letter from her hands saying just give it to me and slowly turns back to leave but Anika stops her saying One minute Tia!
Tia turns back and Anika comes close to her and says, where are u going there, u were going this side right (pointint in the opposite direction ) and Tia leaves in a hurry towards the direction pointed by Anika and Anika tells herself :  Pata nahi iss cheapdi ke mann mein kya chalta rehta hai and gets confused...turns back suspicious and leaves...Tia removes the curtain after Anika leaves and talks to herself, Why was Anika asking about Robin? Did she come to know of the truth and gets more nervous!
Svetlana is shown in her room with a breathing mask on and some machines around her...Tia walks in there and wakes her up, Svetlana opens her eyes and gets up hearing Tias voice and does her Dil Bole Kapoor gesture ErmmStern Smile   Okay she is removing the equipments and machines attached to her as she is faking it all, she is absolutely fine!Sleepy
She removes her breathing mask and throws it away, rolls her neck like a veteran criminal and says, Oh God!   Ye letna bhi bada mushqil kaam hai, lete lete ye kamar akad gayi and Tia tells her that I think, Anika  has come to know about Robin as she was enquiring about him with me just now!

Svetlana tells her, Cmon Tia, how can she know anything, she must be asking just like that and Tia tells her that Anika never does anything just like that, trust me, if we do  not do something about her, then she will ruin our game and Svetlana says, we will be careful!

Tia says, I have a plan, a permanent solution, Shivay has fired the security team and new security has not yet taken the charge,  that means that there is no security in Oberoi Mansion today, we wont get a better opportunity to take someones life here Di!  Both smile wickedly and Svetlana says, alright, if u want this than let it be like this, I have a plan and both roll their eyesSleepy

In the kitchen, Rudra takes a BottleGourd in hand and makes it his mic and says, Welcome to Oberoi Kitchen!  Hamare dono Openers crease par aa chuke hain and ShivKara make entries dressed in a kitchen Apron and Chef Hats, from different directions towards the kitchen platform!

Rudra comes n stands between them and says, Jaise ke aap dekh sakte hain, mere right mein Zulfi Oberoi hai and Om waves and blows a kiss to the imaginary audience and Rudra says, aur mere left mein hai...Shivay raises his hand and Rudra says, Bagad Billa and OmRu burst into laughter while  Shivay looks at him surprised and Rudra says, mera matlab hai Billu Ji...fumbles and says, Tadi baaz...Shivay stuff something in his mouth and shuts him up!

Om says, lets talk about food and asks, wat will we eat today, eggs or omelette with garlic yogurt and smoky butter and Shivay instantly blurts, Aaloo Poori!
OmRu look at him in disbelief and he repeats, Aaloo Poori!

Both smile and in another accent say, Aaloo Poori?  Shivay fumnling says, no its just aaloo poori...aaloo...Om says, Shivay, tu thik hai na, I mean everything is alright and Shivay eats a Banana and nods yes and asks, wat do u mean ?

Rudra rolls his eyes and says, aap aur aaloo poori?   He tells Om that Dadi ne mujhe bataya tha, inka aaloo ke saath Kutte aur Eet wala Bair hai Ermm  and Shivay asks, Woh kya hota hai?

Rudra says, baad mein bataunga and Om asks him, Aaloo chod Shivay aur ye bata, tujhe pata hai na kadhayi mein kitna tel jata hai?   Usi tel me poori, tel peeti hui and he makes a slurp sound and  Shivay for a second gets conscious and then says, excuse me, I beg to differ, Aaloo poori ki jo poori hoti hai woh ghee mein bhi tali ja sakti hai and Ghee for ur kind information is very very nutritious for our health, its very good yeah

OmRu amused and Rudra says, Main sab samjh raha hoon, aapko Aaloo Poori achanak se itni interesting, nutrition se bhari hui kyon lag rahi hai...Om asks why and Rudra says, Kyonki Anika Bhabhi ko bhi pasand hai!

Om : Achcha toh ye baat hai...Shivay acts innocent and shrugging his shoulders  says, Oh Anika kon bhi pasand hai, I didnt know

Rudra says, aapko toh pata hi nahi tha na, par main batata hoon, apne bhaiya bade chupe rustam hai and OmRu make  hmm hmm sounds continuously to tease Shivay while Shivay says, chupa rustom kaun hai na wo main tujhe batata hoon!

Rudra asks Matlab and Shivay catches his cheeks and says, Waise aajkal teri life mein jo chal raha hai na, jo ho raha hai woh dikh raha hai mujhe and Rudra looks at him confused and Shivay keeps a hand at his shoulder...Rudra starts fumbling and says, kya...kya chal raha hai?   Kuch bhi toh nahi chal raha Bhaiya!   Mujhe lag raha hai kuch galat soch rahe ho aap and he tries to indulge both of them in work but Om says, One minute,...kuch toh hai jo mujhe nahi pata hai par Shivay ko pata hai and Rudra acts innocent while Shivay says, Aaloo Poori banate hain na
Rudra says, Haan waho banate hain and all three start making Aaloo Poori  after Om says, Lets make in Oberoi Brothers Style!
Zindagi Mil Ke Bitayenge plays and all three dance like always, making a train and running around the kitchen!

Anika walks in there and gets emotional seeing the three laughing, dancing enjoying together and has tears in her eyes!

Rudra notices her and says, Bhabhi what are u doing there, come inside and Shivay gets a little conscious seeing her!

Anika hesitatingly walks in and says, Bas dekh rahi thi ki aap teeno ek saath kitne  khush rehte ho...All three smile wholeheartedly and she continues, jaise koi chinta, koi dard, koi pareshani hi na ho, ekdum Khidki Tod khushi! Om looks at an embarrassed Shivay! 

She says, Par mujhe nahi pata tha ke SHivay itne khush ho sakte hain kabhi and he looks at her,  she says, woh shayad jiske saamne pareshani ka rickshaw puncture ho jaye, usi ko toh family kehte hain and  OmRu point a finger agreeing to her and Shivay looks away!

Anika says,ye abhi jo aap log kar rahe the, ye woh hai na, wo kya kehte hain...Om says, Obro Moment!

She says, yes, that...I spoiled it, I should leave and  Rudra says, Rukiye Bhabhi...hw walks towards her with a naughty smile and says, Aaj ki breaking news toh sunte jaiye...Anika looks  confused and he says, Do u know what we have cooked in breakfast today? Oh! not us but Shivay Bhaiya,  what he has made?  Shivay fumbles at this

Anika says, inhone banaya hoga koi, Hollywood type ka nashta and Om says, Wrong!   Pesh karte hain, Oberoi  Dhabe se bana, Desi Ghee ka, Aaloo Poori!

Rudra:  Jisse ho jayegi har wish poori and they show her aaloo poori and O Jaana male plays, Shivay smile s and Anika almost shocked first, smiles later and then blushes, looking away

At Dining Table,  Rudra rolling his eyes in his usual style tells Dadi, todays breakfast is special!
Dadi asks why and Rudra says, aaj bhaiya ka  First Kitchen tha 

Shivika get confused at this and Dadi asks what?

Rudra says, Arey Dadi woh hoti hai na, Woh!  Pehli Rasoi and Anika gets embarrassed at this!   Rudra says, Anika Bhabhi ki bhi hui thi, waise hio aaj Bhaiya ki bhi ho gayi!

Jaise Bhabhi ne Bhaiya ke liye Paneer banaya tha waise hi Bhaiya ne bhi Bhabhi ke liye kuch special banaya hai and Pinky makes faces at this while Soumya looks at Rudra as if Kuch nahi ho sakta iska

Shivika exchange looks and  Dadi asks, what has he made and OmRu in  chorus say, Anikas favorite, Aaloo Poori!  

Shivay again gets embarrassed and Jhanvi smiles and tells Shivay that its okay! many things change after marriage and Om says, Exactly!  Rudra ko bhi yahi tension thi ke shadi ke baad  kahin Shivay badal na jaaye!

Rudra:  Par Universe ne Bhabhi hi badal di 
Shivika again look towards each other and Shivay says, if u all are done then lets have breakfast and all start to have breakfast, Shivay himself serves Anika and they both smile and blush looking towards each other!

Shivay to Anika smiling:  Khao aur tareef karo!

Anika in a very slow and soft tone asks him: Zabardasti ki tareef karoon?

Shivay smiles and nods, and says, Phir se blush kar rahi ho and makes a smiley gesture and she blushes some more looking away 

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