Friday, May 26, 2017

Juicy Couture Something Looks Familiar

Juicy Couture Something Looks Familiar

Whenever I go shopping, I cant help but say things like, This Zara top looks very Prada, or Hmm, this shop is filled with Marni-esque stuff. (Although I have been trying to voice it out loud less.) This year, while browsing through Juicy Couture accessories online, I cant help but see the similarities between the Juicy bags and bags by other designers. Now Im not saying Juicy copied other designers. There are just elements of the bags that remind me of other bags.
The first thing I thought was, this looks like a Goyard bag. But after staring at the bag closely for awhile, it occured to me the print is of little puppies. And after staring at it for even longer, it starts to remind me of LAMB bags, which I didnt think was totally original either. What a web! (Or maybe just a triangle.)
The Gucci one is too cutesy for me and the Juicy one is too preppy and seems to be made of terry cloth (-says it all.) While the two technically have very different designs, they superficially look similar to me.
Reminds me of a Gucci F/W07 bag. I think it may even have been featured in an ad. Does anyone remember it and think so, or did I just imagine it?

It doesnt look exactly like a Gucci bag but that gold, circle metal piece in the middle is like the metal piece on a lot of the Gucci 08 bags.

Again, its the metal plate on this Juicy bag that reminds me of another designers bags. Can anyone guess?
I love this type of gold hardware that looks like a lock on handbags. The designer bag that has a lot of gold fake locks is by... it starts with the same letter as the one above.
This one is sort of obvious. One is by Dior and one is by Juicy. One is super expensive and one is relatively affordable. To be fair, both are equally cute, though not exactly my style.

Note that I am not saying Juicy copied the other designers. Nowadays with so many choices and designers out there, designers just seem to be inspired by other designers designs or elements of the designs a lot. It reminds me of Derek Lam saying "Theres no such thing as original design...... In a way, thats what fashions about." Afterall, its why certain designers are held higher than others, and why some designer collections are considered directional in terms of trend. Anyway, it was fun just to look at the bunch of Juicy accessories together like this, wasnt it?

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