Monday, May 22, 2017

Is That You

Is That You

Oh? Hi!

Hey! Hiya! Hello.

Hows life? Alright?

Me? Yeah, yeah. Fine. Good. Good!

You? You alright? Havent seen you in, no. Yeah, ages. God.

Ive just been busy, you know? Still, probably my fault.

Um, still in Manchester. No, not gone on X-Factor yet, no, ha ha, um, LOL.

Oh God. This format is not sustainable but, honestly, I have no idea how on earth to write a Returning To Blogging post without cavorting recklessly into some classic blogging trap or other (e.g. wondering rather desperately whether Anyone Is Out There? and if so whether and how much theyve missed me). I would quite like to neatly summarize my life as it has been in the last few months but am incapable of doing anything neatly, as demonstrated by my fringe after I whimsically attacked it with the kitchen scissors some weeks back. (Ironically, that is a pretty neat example.)

I suppose I can say the following things:

1. Manchester. I am still living in it. It is still raining on me. As it turns out, fairly excellently: Rain + Fringe = Much Shitter Fringe.

2. Music. I am still doing it, singing and writing and the like. I like to think the fringe adds a institution-ish air to my latest efforts. This is an delusion I am fighting to maintain.

3. Men. I am still living with Ben, although I have had to insist that he wears a blindfold until the fringe grows out. I do not consider this to be unreasonable.

4. Money. I work in a café and do singing workshops in schools. Both are quite fun. I am a better workshop leader than I am a barista, but maybe I will combine the two and make la-la-lattes or cappuccin-ooooohs. (The fringe does not really come into this one much.)

I want to start blogging again but I dont know how. Im pretty sure that the best way is not to blurt out a few poorly-chosen, unfunny sentences that barely make any sense, but this is the route I have decided upon and I am sticking with it.

More soon, for sure.

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