Wednesday, May 24, 2017



One of my favorite photos from the last Japan visit. Looks like a nature show set up. "The Shinjuku crab lay in wait for careless prey. Salary man on his way to work is oblivous to the craftilly camouflaged crustacean. In a flash it will be over and Shinjuku crab will hunt anew. Perhaps a Pachinko housewife for dessert?"

All engines are go! Were cleared for take off! And all such launch lingo. After a series of fluctuating fates (work schedules right in the way, work schedules get pushed back; missing passport, found passport; wife can go, now wife has to stay...etcetera), Enrico and I got permission to take a week off. What do these two do when let out of the pen? They hie off to Japan, thats what!

The 8th World Wide Sketchcrawl, February 19, 2006!

Yep, you heard me, in Japan! Where in Japan? Thats still being worked out but watch this space for more info. Those of you who will be conveniently situated to be there anyway please come and join us. Those of you whove been diligently going out on the appointed days to draw wherever you are in the globe are enjoined to have a grand day out drawing! We will be looking forward to seeing and sharing how the rest of the Sketchcrawling world faired on that day on the forums and blogs as always--were never without access to Dubyas internets. Check these links often for updates.

Enricos wordpress blog
Sketchcrawl Forum

Well be joined by a stellar set of artists from Japan, I hear. Tadahiro Uesugi for one. How about that? Yoko Tanji. Whadaya say? There are more names Enrico mentioned to me but I think well hold the news release until were more certain. All I can say is I an star struck by the personages who might attend. Wish this was being filmed. Maybe we can do something about that. Too much...overloading.

Anyway, were leaving next Wednesday for Japan and will be back Tuesday the following week. Man, I wonder if I can rent a bike there to ride...hmmm.

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