Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ive been crafty

Ive been crafty

Spring Block for Lucinda ~ Ringo Pie Bee ~

Here is the Spring block I made for Lucinda for Ringo Pie Bee.
(Sorry the resolution of the picture isnt very good - hopefully
Ill get to take a better picture once the sun comes out.)
I spent days sketching some ideas for this month, trying to
come up with a design that has lots of neutral colors which she
asked for, but after much thought, I was determined that I
really want colorful flowers in it and I ended up compensating
with a background in a neutral color. Keeping my fingers crossed
that this turned out ok and it will look good with everyone
elses Spring blocks for her.

pincushion - sewing theme

This is the fourth pincushion I made for a custom order.
The recipient asked for a sewing theme, so I had fun
picking out sewing themed fabrics from my stash and
whipped up this guy. I am happy with the outcome so
is the recipient, woohoo!

Diaper Pouch

Here is a diaper pouch I made for a little boy I babysit.
Ever since Anna posted this awesome tutorial, I knew
I would make it for him. I cant believe how long I waited
to make though especially now that I know it is such a fun,
quick, and addictive project! And I just LOVE this shape!
His diapers used to be in a plastic bag from a grocery store.
I think it is a quite improvement. Why didnt I make it sooner?!


Im so happy I finally found a great use for this
cute fabric covered button that I received as a part
of a swap a few years ago. Too cute, right?

playing with fabric scraps

And lastly, this is a scrap-buster project that
I was working on. I am not sure what this will be.
A potholder for my friend was my plan, but I am
thinking its a bit too busy for her. hmm..
Any suggestions?

Have a fabulous Sunday!

Available link for download